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May 23, 2012

#13 Tribute to Marissa Hushaw

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Marissa Hushaw is an amazing person. At 15, she’s a sponsored snowboarder for several companies, competes with people, and wins, that are twice her size and sometimes age. Aside from her snowboarding career, Marissa is also immensely involved with a non-profit organization called Grind Out Hunger. GOH works to raise money and awareness for starving kids and families in Santa Cruz. Since the start of her campaign, Marissa alone has raised almost $4,000 in a matter of months. GOH started by only being involved in the skateboarding community but Marissa has gotten them completely involved in snowboarding as well. Marissa is an inspiration to me because she proved that no matter your age, location, or skill level, you can always make a difference. On a personal level, Marissa is a kind, loving person who I don’t think is physically or mentally capable of disliking or being mean to anyone. She’s a fun person to be around, and can bring anyone out of a bad mood, simply by being around them. She’s the best girlfriend I could’ve asked for.

March 22, 2012

6. Surf Fishing in Seascape

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In Santa Cruz county, Seascape is one of the top places to surf fish, especially for perch. The seascape resort offers a public trail right down to the beach, and even closer to prime fishing waters.¬†Well, i’ve already told you how to catch them, and Seascape is a great place to apply those new skills.

Barred Surfperch

On Saturday, March 18th, a friend and i packed up our stuff, slipped on our waders, and headed down to the beach. Unfortunately, when we reached the beach, the sky decided it was a good time to release a torrential downpour. We stuck it out, and fished for three hours, working our way south. By the time we were done, even with rough weather conditions we each still caught a few fish.

March 15, 2012

5. Upcoming Rock Cod Season

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Along with Salmon, Rockfish are an incredibly popular saltwater species here in the Monterey Bay. Although some species may be caught from shore, they are generally small and theres not a whole lot of them. The best way to catch this delicious fish is to either go out on a charter boat, or if you have a way to access a personal vessel in the 15-20ft range, that will also be very effective. The larger rockfish will generally be found in deeper water. Rockfish will generally bite a wide variety of baits and lures.

Several species of rockfish

One of the most effective ways to catch them is to have a vertical rig with two dropper loops spaced a foot apart and a clasp at the bottom. Attach a feathered hook(the larger the better) to each loop and clip on a lead weight up to 16oz to your clasp. Then, cut a 2in piece of any kind of baitfish and hook one onto each hook. Then, once you find a section of rock on the bottom, drop straight down and wait for the bites! The season for rockfish starts on May 1st, and runs through the end of the year.

4. How to Surf Fish

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In the Monterey Bay, one of the most popular methods of fishing is to surf fish, or fish from the beach. There are a number of species you can catch from the beach including Many types of perch,striped bass,halibut,sharks,bat rays and many types of baitfish. The most common and probably easiest methods to fish anywhere is to surf fish for perch. Their plentiful, not line shy,are always hungry, and will take a variety of baits. The best way to fish for them is to use an extremely light rod and reel loaded with 6-8lb test. Once your more experienced, you can move down to 2-4lb test. The best setup for them is a 1oz egg sinker slipped on to your main line, after that, tie your line to a barrel swivel. Then, cut a 2ft leader of 10lb test line and tie that to the other side of the swivel. Once you’ve done that, Tie ona size 6 baitholder hook, and then slip on a Gulp! sandworm and your good to go!! Head down to the beach around sunset, and cast your line into the breakers. The waves will gradually bring your line in, so as it does, just reel in the slack and keep your line taught. When you feel the strike, set the hook and reel in the big one!


March 14, 2012

3. Surf Fishing 3/4/12

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  1. Arrived to the beach at 6:15 pm
  2. Didnt get anything when the sun was still shining
  3. When the sun went down, we started catching fish
  4. by about 7:30, it was to dark to fish so we headed home
  5. Ended up catching three Barred Surf Perch up to 2lbs

March 8, 2012

2. Up Coming Salmon Season

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Right now, many Monterey Bay anglers, including myself, are preparing for the 2012 ocean salmon season. The season will open on April 2nd and run through September. The two main ways to fish for salmon on the west coast are mooching and trolling. When you mooch for salmon, you find a school of baitfish, and you drop into it using either live or dead bait. The idea is that your bait  will mimick an injured member of the school, and that a salmon will see it as an opportunity for an easy meal. The other method is trolling. When you troll, you attach your line to a downrigger, and drive your line around slowly at different depths until you find the fish. Trolling is a very effective method because you cover a lot of area, which will help you catch fish when there scattered. The two types of salmon we have in the Monterey Bay are King(chinook) salmon and Coho(silver) salmon. Right now, because of very low numbers, it is illegal to target or keep the coho salmon. However, the king salmon are doing very well and grow much larger than the coho. The current limit on king salmon is 2 fish per angler, with a size limit of 24 inches.

February 29, 2012

#1 WElCOME!!

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In this blog, i’m going to tell you a weekly report of all things fishing in the Monterey Bay. I will talk about everything from steelhead in the San Lorenzo to the giant white sea bass in Pajaro. IN the Monterey Bay their are many great trhings to fish for in both fresh and saltwater. On this blog, I will tell you where to find them and how to catch them, along with news in the fishing world such as regulatrion changes, product releases and much more.

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